New Year Master Cleanse & Juice Fast Feast

So, it’s the start of the New Year again. I find it a good tool for motivation that does work for me. Back beginning of 2006, I used it to return back to a 100% raw food diet, followed by a 60-day juice fast starting in March that year. This past 6 months, I’ve felt like I wasn’t eating optimally for my body, and have gained some weight again. So, to drop back to what feels good, and clean out the system, and give the body organs a rest, I’ve felt that it was once again time for an extended fast.

So far, having started Jan. 5, and now on day twelve, it’s fairly simple. When I feel lazy or am crunched for time, I just make a Master Cleanse mix, though the sweetener that I use for my version is Coconut Nectar. This way, I can avoid the sugar glycemic swings. For those who aren’t familiar with the Master Cleanse, this is 32 oz fresh water, 2 Tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 Tablespoons of your chosen sweetener, and a dash of cayenne.

People frequently ask how I can do a fast like this, especially for long periods of time. I find that as long as I keep the fluids coming, keep hydrated, then I’m satiated, or not hungry. If the hunger seems to creep in fiercely, then I make a fresh green juice and add a Tablespoon of hemp oil to the drink. The fat from the hemp oil is good both to stop the feeling of being hungry, and also important to help oil the brain. So, on a long fast, it’s good to add the hemp oil at least every couple of days anyway.

Some folks are carrot people. Some folks are apple people. I find the carrot too sweet, and so I use apples as my primary green juice base. Other really juicy items I use include cucumber, celery, and also, I really enjoying zucchini this go round too. And when I want something savory, I add garlic to the mix. The more fruity drinks, I often add ginger for a bit of a lift or zing. On the greener drinks, I also add a Tablespoon of Vitamineral Green; I’ve found it to be one of the best green powders both for taste and completeness.

I expect this fast will last at least thirty days, just to reset the body systems, and make sure the pipes are cleaned out well. If you have any questions on the Master Cleanse, a Juice Fast or Juice Feast, please send me a message, and I get back to you personally.

Happy New Year, Chef Allie