Comments from students:

“Chef Allie explains things very easily and helps the newbies to the advanced raw foodists understand things and how to incorporate raw foods into every day life!  Thank you so much; see you next class! – Kristi C.

“I loved Chef Allie’s sweet spirit and her willingness to share with others at an affordable price so that we too can try to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. – Kim H.

“From the thought, ‘I cannot do this,’ to the thought, ‘This is for me!’ was a big leap.  Chef Allie was an inspiring teacher.  I am looking forward to more of the same! – Clifford L.

I was amazed at how delicious the recipes were!  Chef Allie is very personable, patient, and eager to share her knowledge.  I’m signing up for her next class, and the the series of classes thereafter.  I don’t want to miss anything Chef Allie has to offer.  Thanks Chef Allie! and “Take this class; change your life.  I’ve gone from size 14 to 12 in 3 weeks.– Kathleen M.

I tried to go raw in the past but felt alone and uncomfortable with the recipes and techniques.  Allie gave me the confidence to go it alone, and know that I’m doing it right.” – Susie P.

I so enjoyed taking this course (Raw Chef, Level 1).  The information discussed during the day is invaluable to a holistic healthy lifestyle.  This is a must for all who want to be a better person! – Libby C.

Allie’s down to earth teaching and hands on method of teaching gave me confidence to sticking to this new lifestyle. – Dee B.

Chef Allie presents a delightful and delicious class [Forget Cooking!], and shares her passion and knowledge of raw vegan food preparation in a fun and empowering way. – Nancy S.

“I’ve really liked all the classes from Allie.  We cover a lot of recipes that actually taste good.  We also cover lots of nutrition info and ways to speed things up for easier prep. – Rusty S.

“I have been very frustrated with a lot of my trials regarding un-cooking, but talking with Allie has given me hope 😀  I am excited to try these yummy recipes [All-American Comfort Foods] – Jenny J.

“Allie kept the class [All-American Comfort Foods] moving and fun … she made each food appear easy.  She made each food appear natural and normal … not weird. – Howard O.

“The food is excellent.  The presentation was great because it shows how easy raw food preparation can be.  I look forward to attending more classes. – Sharon B.

“Well, I ate McDonald’s before hand to make sure I was full, etc. because I didn’t expect the food to be that good.  Maybe edible but not good. Was amazed! And, you’re accessible and affordable. – Michelle K.

“Chef Allie K’s food preparation class is informative and light-hearted.  The recipes are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! – Anne S-G.

“This class [All-American Comfort Foods] gives everyday solutions to eating raw.  Chef Allie demonstrated how easy eating raw can be. – Kellie R.

“The recipes are easy enough to jump start immediately into a healthy eating lifestyle.  The class is an encouraging beginning to developing a long term life style dietary change. – Nancy T.

“Totally opened my  mind to eating raw! – Terry C.

“The Forget Cooking! class was an enormously informative and interesting class.  The variety of dishes prepared demonstrated how nutritious and manageable a raw lifestyle can be.  Good job, Chef Allie!” – Kathy S.

“This was an eye opener. Didn’t know raw cuisine had so many options and so flavorful.   Can’t wait to share with my friends! – Andrea T.

“I enjoyed learning from Chef Allie.  I was especially inspired to try 100% raw for at least 30-days and use all the yummy recipes! – Suzie P.

“Chef Allie has a wide array of knowledge about living a raw food lifestyle.  She freely shares all of her information, showing basics such as opening a young coconut and using a knife.  She is interesting and easy to listen to.  I highly recommend the class for anyone interested in getting into raw foods. – Katy D.

“I loved the feeling of community in Chef Allie’s class.  We gathered in her large, comfortable kitchen, and it felt like a family holiday gathering.  Chef Allie was extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics and answered all the questions with patience and kindness. – Waverly E.

“Great class!  My body is a temple, I love and respect.  Chef Allie, you taught me some awesome recipes to honor my body!  Thank you and blessings!” – Robyn G.

“Aliie’s class was fun, informative, and a great way to get started with a raw lifestyle. – Gary M.

“Was so much better than I thought – so much taste and variety. – Kalin S.

“Loved the way you described all the tools, and the food types, and how simple they are to make. – Michael B.

“Class was fast paced and very enjoyable!  Allie’s positive attitude and brite smile made exploring raw foods a tasty experience. – Kris M.