Raw Food – Blender vs Food Processor Use for Raw Food Recipes

When presenting a raw food recipe at a demonstration, I have people ask me why a blender or food processor is used, and if the two are interchangeable … do they “have to have both pieces of equipment in their kitchen?” There truly is a reason to have both items.

A good blender, and the standard in the raw food kitchen is the Vita-mix, or alternatively the K-Tech, blenders, is important to have since it is used to make soup broths or bases (see for an example of this), sauces, smoothies (a good recipe example for this can be seen at ), and other smooth blended or mixed items. The motors in these blenders is incredibly powerful, and will last you a life time. Ergo the reason to have a good blender, since the inexpensive blenders, if used a great deal, will break fairly quickly usually, and need more frequent replacement.

A good food processor, and the Cuisinart is the the standard in the raw food kitchen, is important to have since it allows for greater texture, as well as speed in slicing and shredding. To make a nice chunky salsa or Marinara sauce, the food processor is the equipment to use; a blender would make it too smooth – and, texture is part of the eating experience, just like looks and smell and taste.

Now, while you may not be able to, or have available to you (while traveling for example) both pieces of equipment, using the pulse feature on a blender, or creating a pulsing action on your blender (switching it on/off quickly, repeatedly) can emulate a food processor somewhat. And, with the food processor, when you don’t have a blender, allowing it to process longer can begin to approach a smoother texture, when that is what you seek – you just have to be aware of overheating the food this way.

My recommendation to new students is that if you already have a lesser quality blender or food processor, use it until it breaks. And, keep in mind to invest in the best possible as a replacement when the time comes. If you’re interested in purchasing a Vitamix or K-Tech, check out http://www.tinyurl.com/nhgxx3 for good prices on this equipment, as well as other raw food kitchen equipment and supplies.

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To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie