Raw Food – “Where does the Protein come from?” Answered

Probably the #1 question that I get when I’m introduced as a Raw Food Chef is, “Where do you get your protein?”

Did you know that there have never, not even one, been a reported case of protein deficiency in the US?  The only place there have been reports of protein deficiency is where there is true malnutrition, like in Ethiopia.

Also, did you know that out of an average need of 2,000/day [a little more for men, and a little less for women typically], that the body only needs 5% of the calories to be protein?  Yep, that’s it.  Not that much is it?  If anything, in the US, and other Western countries, we get WAY over the amount of protein the body needs, which puts a disease prone toxic load on the body.

And, did you know that fruits and vegetables contain 15% protein?  That’s three times the amount needed already.  Besides, the protein from vegetables and fruit is more easily digested, easier for the body to use too.

As is shown in the movie, “eating” produced by Michael Anderson, if people eat meat, the animals get the last laugh, since they leave behind a little of themselves [as plaque in the arteries] with EVERY meal, and slowly kill those who have eaten them.  Wow – what a concept!  That’s why heart disease is the #1 killer in Western countries, and is on the rise is other countries that adopt the Standard American Diet [S.A.D.].  This has been documented to be easily reversed, so that people can lead more active, vibrant, healthy lives as long as they’re alive – that quality of life is what I seek!  How about you?

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  1. Clifford says:

    Amen. This protein issue has been a big one for me. In the book, Eating to match your blood type, or something like that, it reports that type O+ is the oldest blood type and we can eat meat with no problem. My mom did not read the book, yet we had meat 3 times a day. It was a rare meal that did not include meat. So for some of us, this old habit is a challenge to break. Having made a decision to eat more raw, I notice that there is a fear factor involved. ie. I will die without meat. Hence, your words of experience and research are most helpful. Also, the movie “Food Inc” was a real eye opener. I recommend to all.

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