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I’m getting ready for another trip on Monday – family get together for Dad’s 80th birthday celebration! Until February of this year (2010), I worked for a major automotive group, covering 5 states in the Southern US (not particularly Vegan friendly) and 154 dealerships, traveling every week for four years. So, I was on the road a good deal. I’ve been 100% raw for over 6 years now. So, I had to figure out a way to do this while traveling, how to get a rhythm for the road that worked, which I will share with you here. I also have many students ask me how to “do” raw while traveling; they’re thinking that it’s a difficult thing. While can take equipment with you, simpler is better usually.

Actually, eating raw while traveling is relatively easy generally, and I’ll give you some tips here. There are a few things to know depending on the type of travel you’re doing. Are you going by car? That’s super easy … make a few of your favorite dehydrated and pate type dishes with some fruit and romaine lettuce (it keeps well with little refrigeration) thrown in to make sandwiches. and your set.

Are you flying? Well, as long as it’s not liquid, you can take already prepared foods on board with you. So, make up your favorite non-liquid item, put it in a to-go container, along with a piece of fruit, and some seasoned nuts and/or seeds, and you’re good for the flight.

Then, when you get where you’re going, find a way to go to the grocery or health food store. Always best to check your destination on-line before you go, maybe even calling ahead to check on supplies for smaller, unknown shopping options. A little planning goes a long way to make your trip easy. At the grocery/health food store, it’s usually easy to find at the very least those pre-washed bags of organic salad greens, an avocado, and perhaps some carrots, or herbs or something else that you can add that will help make it interesting. A small bottle of good quality olive oil and a lemon serve as your dressing.

And then, I also carry in my purse (or a couple in the wallet for you guys) a few pre-printed menu request sheets that indicate to the chef that I’m on a special diet, and requests an entree size salad with my favorite ingredients (avoiding iceberg lettuce since it has no nutritional value much at all). While unable to count on the quality of results with this option, I’ve often been happily surprised by the results of the chef’s creativity when they truly do their best to please.

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To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Chef Allie, thanks for your post. Do you have any experience or tips for traveling raw while abroad? I have often heard that one should avoid raw food abroad, especially in developing countries.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Stephanie, yes, I have traveled abroad while raw – went to China, and the airline lost my luggage the first three days, with much of the raw food items I’d brought with me for the trip …. so, I had to improvise. Do be sure to bring a few pre-packaged raw food bars of your choice in your carry-on, along with some pre-packaged “green” powder [add to bottled water/shake/drink], and seasoned nuts and seeds; these can be part of your emergency back up like they were for me. In checked luggage, I did take a new/sealed jar of raw/organic almond butter, and a few other new/sealed items like that. You want to make sure to take new/sealed items so that you avoid issues in customs, whether you are there or not. Any open items would have to be tossed before entering most countries. From the US side, you can make/take non-liquid prepared foods [eg. a salad roll or pate sandwich in lettuce leaves or pizza on crackers/pre-made dehydrated breads] with you on the plane in ziplock or pop-top type container; just be sure to eat these during travel before reaching your final destination. Fruit, like apples and oranges also travel well on the plane, though again, be sure to eat them before reaching your final destination as most other countries will not allow this in their country – it would have to be tossed in customs. If like me, something happens to some of your supplies, and you have to wing it, go to the local markets to see what is available. I was away for 15 days. My initial solution was young coconuts, supplemented with fruit. The young coconuts have the fat and the nutrients you need to sustain you, and the liquid is super hydrating. So, these are always a good option, where you have it, and you can find these almost anywhere traveling abroad; actually probably easier there some times, than in the US. The fruit gives you variety in flavors, and has a low likelihood of toxicity issues. While this diet may not be ideal for long-term, for a 15 day or less trip, it will sustain you and help you maintain raw, as much as that is important to you. As a 100% raw foodie for last 6 1/2 years, this worked for me. Hope this helps answer your question.

    To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie

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