IOWA CITY, Iowa – August 26, 2010 – Dr. Terry Wahls (http://www.terrywahls.com), author of ‘Minding Your Mitochondria,’ and Chef Allie (http://www.askchefallie.com), author of ‘7 Secrets to Living Raw Foods,’ are holding a ”Recover Your Health” seminar at the Unitarian-Universalist Society of Iowa City, Iowa, Saturday, August 28th, starting at 9 a.m. Dr. Wahls, will share her techniques for restoring health, developed from her personal experience as she overcame multiple sclerosis using Food. Chef Allie will teach a Forget Cooking! Class, which includes food, and teaching about the health and energy benefits of eating a raw vegan diet.

Dr. Wahls was first diagnosed with MS in 2000, becoming wheelchair dependent by 2004. Dr. Wahls, an internal medicine physician, from her search for a solution, in 2007 created an intensive nutrition program to support her brain and mitochondria. Today she bikes 5 miles daily, and teaches her medical colleagues and others about the power FOOD to restore health. Anna Bus, a Dr. Wahls’ FOOD AS MEDICINE CLASS student, says: “ She made everything very understandable to the non-medical person. I was very leary of taking the Food as Medicine class. I figured it would be so far over my head that I would not get a clear understanding. But Dr. Wahls is excellent with her example… If you can’t go home and do everything at once, start a little at a time. Thank you, I will be taking all of her future class!.”

Chef Allie switched to raw foods August 2004, and lost over 70 pounds, restoring both her health and vibrancy. Out of a desire to help others also live a more vibrant life, she trained at the world renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she is now an Associate Chef and Instructor. Michelle Bryant of ShelfLife@Texas, for The University of Texas at Austin, recently interviewed Chef Allie, exploring why the raw food lifestyle can help you. “It’s all about helping people,” says Chef Allie, “making your life easier, so that you can live more of the life you’ve dreamed. Food fuels our bodies, and virtually every culture has a saying similar to ‘You are what you eat’; what I do is help you with the best fuel possible for your body, for a life full of health and energy!”

Dr. Wahls teaches Food As Medicine/ Functional Medicine classes. “Restoring Your Health” is the first all day seminar to provide intensive instruction to get your started on vibrant health. Chef Allie provides raw vegan food instruction and coaching services, live and on-line – Nutritious + Delicious. Sign up for Dr. Wahls’ newsletter full of helpful information and resources about the food you eat, by visiting: www.terrrywahls.com . Visit Chef Allie’s new blog at http://www.askchefallie.com to ask any questions you might have on this topic; she regularly responds to comments. While on her blog, also sign up and claim for yourself the new, free, ‘Shorts’ Food Training Video series that she’s releasing this week, with tips, tricks, and tidbits you can apply in any kitchen.

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