Raw Food Recipe – Creamy Corn Pudding

Coming into the Fall season, it seems a good time to start looking to Fall type recipes. At the store I found some organic corn, a rarity. Much easier to find sustainably grown corn at the farmer’s market these days. So, I thought that sharing this following recipe that I created for Creamy Corn Pudding would be appropriate to the season.

Corn, the only cereal native to North America, is actually a type of grass. Fresh corn contains more enzymes and more of certain vitamins than dried, so it is better eaten fresh. The challenge today is to find organic corn, since almost all the other corn has been hybridized, and the GMO [genetically modified organism] corn is making in-roads into the standard corn population these days. Since GMO isn’t even tested for any real length of time on humans, they don’t even know what that can do to us, or really how it will impact people. My vote is to avoid it, at all costs! So, find some good organic corn, and enjoy the Fall and Holiday season!

Creamy Corn Pudding ©
by Chef Allie

* 1/4 C raw honey
* 3 T almond meal
* 1 tsp Himalayan pink mineral salt
* 1 C Purified water
* 1 T heaping raw Almond butter
* 6 C fresh corn kernels (~8 ears)
* 4 T ground chia seeds Mila (grind when plan to use if can, as bagged ground Chia often loses Omega 3 benefits)

Directions: Putting aside half of the corn, blend all of the ingredients together in a Vita-mix or other blender. Hand mix in the reserved half of the corn kernels. Then dehydrate to desired warmth.

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To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie