Raw Food Recipe – Berry Yummy!

This time of year, when the Berries are oh so sweet, and ripe, and delicious, it’s a great time to take advantage of them, and store some away in the freezer for a Winter’s day, if you have the space. It’s also a great time to enjoy my “Berry Antioxidant Smoothie”; see recipe below. Berries are such wonderful supports to our bodies, helping fight the free radicals that come from stress, poor eating habits, and sedentary lifestyles. The immune system needs all the help it can get!

And, a great resource to review what the benefits are of those wonderful berries is Rawsome! by Brigitte Mars. She created a Raw Foods Encyclopedia in the front of her book that is jam packed with valuable nutritional information. For example, she shares that Blueberries are “sour, astringent, and moist, with a cold energy. They contain beta-carotene, vitamin C, iron, and potassium, and are rich in silicon, which is believed to help regenerate the pancreas.” And, for Raspberries, did you know that they are members of the Rose family? Brigitte indicates that Raspberries are “warming, sweet-and-sour berries .. known for their high content of vitamin C and potassium … also contain pectin, which is useful in “setting up” of jams and jellies.” And for Strawberries, she says they are “sweet, sour, cool, and moist … rich in flavonoids, vitamins B, C, and E, and iron … also contain ellagic acid, which is a potent anticancer compound.” The important thing to remember about berries is that they are on the list of top ten most contaminated fruits and vegetables when you purchase them grown by standard farming. So, ensure you’re buying these Organic!

Berry Antioxidant Smoothie ┬ęCopyright 2010 Chef Allie

1 -2 frozen bananas (frozen after you’ve peeled them, otherwise, they get mushy and unusable)
1/2 C Acai/acerola frozen berries (alt. raspberries or strawberries)
1/2 C Blueberries
1 – 1.5 C coconut water (alt. plain purified water)
1 tsp vanilla
pinch Himalayan pink salt
1 scoop Mila [Mila – highest grade available; Awesome source for Omega 3s and 6s – source: http://allie.lifemax.net (alt. 2 T Chia seeds)

Blend in Vitamix, or other blender, and enjoy the fruits of the season.