July & More Raw Food Lifestyle Resources …

The Raw Food Lifestyle is much more than just eating raw foods, at least from my experience.  It is about supporting yourself, your family and friends, and your environment in ways that will help improve your life, and the lives of those around you, as well as make a difference in supporting the health of the planet.  So, in the train of thought, I like to continually pass along other resources that have assisted me in this way, and may also be of value to you.

Here are some additional favorites that you might also find helpful:

Cranio-sacral techniques can release tensions and trauma from your body permanently, which can help you to make better decisions overall about and for your most VIBRANT life!  For Best of the Best cranio-sacral work/training, take a workshop with Dr. Michael Aaron in San Francisco area July 8 – 11; sign up via: http://www.cranial.org , and mention my name in the comments box, or call them at 650-773-4191 for more details.

Happiness is a topic most of us feel passionately about … we want it, we search for it, we seek it in all we do.  Another wonderful friend, Peter Levine, from England, has just released his AWESOME new book, ‘the Mechanics of happiness, Engineering A Positive Approach to Your Life.‘  Rather than being ‘mechanical’, he’s written an uplifting, book, alive with opportunities for awakening, for the novice and those who’ve been traveling the path for many years.  This is a masterfully written, outstanding resource!  Find out more about this book at: http://www.themechanicsofhappiness.com , and a portion of each book sale goes to support Habitat for Humanity too!

And, for those who have any kind of business where they speak to persuade, whether it’s to peers, co-workers, in sales, on-line, or with groups (and this can add value with your spouse and children too!), this upcoming July 20 – 22nd event with one of my teachers, Armand Morin, might be just the thing to take you to the next level …because, it’s official… the Persuasion X seminar is now available for the general public:  http://persuasionx.com/x.php?af=903175
Please Be Warned…
* This is not just “any seminar”.

It is a VERY pricey event for high level marketers.  Armand doesn’t want just “anyone” getting a hold of these techniques.

* This event is NOT for everyone.

If you have no intention of speaking from stage, then it’s definitely not for you.

If you don’t plan on hosting a teleseminar in the next year, this isn’t for you.

If you aren’t someone who plans on selling any kind of product or service in the next
year, don’t click the link below.


However if you want to learn the powerful techniques to help you win over any audience and dramatically improve your sales, then click the link above.  I know you’ll enjoy it.

Take care.  And, if you have questions about these, or other resources, or just would like to ask a question, please see my other posts on http://www.askchefallie.com, or post a question there to me, and I’ll get back to you shortly.


P.S  Click on the link below right now if your interested in this one because the seminar offer expires soon. (oh, and he’s also offering, via the video, 1 extra free ticket for you, so you could split the cost with your partner or buddy and go for half the price, plus for the first 50 people, he’s offered to pay their hotel rooms)

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  1. Clifford says:

    It is a lifestyle. As I begin to move from 30% raw to 100%, the process is affecting other areas of my life. The committment brings up all the reasons that argue for the status quo. I am beginning to idenify with those AA people who must made it one day at a time. Thank you Allie for your support and leadership.

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