Raw Food – Falling Off the Wagon & Getting Back On Track with Our Health Goals

Food is an emotional topic for most people in some form or fashion. Many of our earliest memories are connected with some favorite food smell, like a dessert from a family Holiday gathering. Admittedly, some have trauma experiences around food as well … some adult insisting that the plate has to been clean before leaving the table or being forced to eat something that made one sick. Those types of experiences have long lasting impacts on our psyches.

Then too, there is so little support in our society for people actually eating well. The government subsidizes the meat and dairy industries, though not fruits and vegetables. It all ties back to the money trail, and keeping people chronically ill, and therefore usually taking a large quantity of pharmaceuticals, feeding into the big corporations bank accounts. When people are chronically ill, they have a hard time thinking clearly, and making good decisions for themselves, typically falling back into what is easiest, which usually turns out to be the societal norm. Also, that usually keeps them sick to death, literally.

As a foodie, I’ve insisted that food taste good, in addition to being healthy. Also, I understand that people will likely only stick with something if they can find an easy way to incorporate a change into their lives. Even when we make changes, no matter how strong our commitment, given the lack of support generally for anything other than the norm, we may fall off the wagon. How do you handle it when you fail to live up to something you value? That is a key to success. If you beat yourself up, feel guilty, those behaviors that I’ve experienced and find totally unproductive, I would ask you, if like me, perhaps there is a kinder, gentler, more compassionate way you could find with yourself to allow for the slip, and just stay committed to the overall direction. Sometimes it comes in giant leaps, and sometimes, despite a backward direction, the progress is in baby steps. We win as long as we keep our commitment, refusing to give up, and eventually, even though it might sometimes seem like we’re headed in the opposite direction, we move forward to success.

Related to raw foods, that might mean that you’re not 100% raw, even though you believe in it being the most optimal way of eating for the human body scientifically. Accept that, and perhaps agree to at least stay vegan for a while, even though it’s cooked. Or, whatever other step you need to take in order to live your life. Just remember to stay committed, keep reading about the topic, keep interacting with others going in the same direction, keep the faith that eventually you will reach your goal. We all have challenges to overcome, and food choices can be a major one for many of us. Please contact me if I can in any way be assistance with your journey.

All the Best,
Chef Allie