What is the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food Diet consists of live, whole, vegan foods, which is mainly vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, plus spices to add interest.  These can be made into almost anything that is made in the cooked form of prepared foods, only it’s much healthier for you, and it takes less time to prepare since you save cooking it.

Do you like Pasta Marinara?  And Cheesecake?  What about Enchiladas?  Or Pizza?  Do you like Vegetable Terriaki?  How about Asian Noodles?  Oh, and Chocolate Cake?  What about Burgers?  Do you like Lasagna?  These can all be prepared in delicious ways that satisfy your taste buds, using whole, live, vibrant life-giving vegan foods.  And, you might ask, why do I want to eat this way?

Well, the benefits of eating raw, vegan foods is that the enzymes stay intact, and the phytonutrients stay intact, and the anti-oxidants stay in tact.  And, so you might ask, why is that important?  Well, the enzymes help you digest your food so that you can get the nutrients from it, so that you have the energy to run your body functions.  You are born with a finite bank of enzymes in your body, and these are used up when you eat cooked foods.  There’s no way to replace those once they’re used up, other than bringing them in from the outside, via fresh, live, whole vegan vegetables and fruits.  Because of the Standard American Diet [SAD], most people use up their enzyme bank by the time they’re in their twenties, if not before; their bodies are starving for nutrition regardless of how much they eat, and so they eat even more, and our society just keeps getting fatter and fatter [check the CDC statistics to see the astounding change over the last three decades].  The phytonutrients and anti-oxidents are also critical components in helping to build your immune system and keep you healthy, feeling good, and have the energy you need and want to keep doing all that you want to do in life.  These components help give your body the best fuel possible to run optimally.  Would you give your vehicle trashy gas?  And if you did, what do you think would happen to it?  Do you think it might cause some major problems?  Clog up the fuel lines?  Stop the engine?  The right kind of food works the same way for your body.

In The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, a man raised on a ranch who started out his doctoral studies to prove the benefits of animal protein and dairy products, after 25+ years, he and his whole family have become vegetarians because he saw first-hand the damage that is caused to the human body.  The book is full of other studies as well that demonstrate the problems that develop, from cancer, to heart disease, to arthritis and several other critical issues.  If you are interested in the scientific reasons for what is best to eat for your best health and body operation, this book is a must read.  Educating ourselves about what and why to eat the best that we can, can help us to live more active, healthier lives in the long-run.  Quality of life is what makes it all worthwhile, don’t you agree?  For additional information, please see my other posts, or ask me a question at http://www.askchefallie.com.  Thank you for taking the time to help yourself, and learn a little more about what can help you to feel even better, with more energy and life!