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How do we learn best as children? First by watching other people, right?  And, likely, how is it that we continue to learn most things?  Same way probably, right?  So, if we’ve set a course for learning more about our health, and adding raw food, eating raw food, and doing it in a way that we will continue with a raw food diet, or lifestyle as I prefer to call it, then probably the best way to learn about it is to watch someone else who knows what they’re doing.  The other thing that I feel and think is so important with adopting more raw foods into our lives is that is tastes good too, so that we are encouraged to continue to eat this way, a way that can be so energy inducing, adding so much vibrancy to our lives.

So, learning options to watch someone else probably means taking a class, a training, or some type of coaching.  You can learn some from books – I did; of course, what I learned mostly is that a lot of the raw recipes weren’t very good in the majority of books overall.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to shortcut all of that yourself, and get right to the tasty, savory, juicy, delicious ones?  You can learn a little from watch a few YouTube videos, I have; these are typically one recipe, and again, how good is the recipe?.  You can learn some from going to a potluck and talking to some folks – have done that too; here, you get to taste the food, though they don’t actually give you the recipe usually, if they can even remember all of the ingredients, and you don’t get to see it being prepared either so that you have a sense of what to do.  Would you find it helpful to have lots of tricks, and tips, and nutritional information that will take you directly to the information that you’re looking for, and make it easy for you to incorporate this lifestyle into what you do daily?  Yes, of course it would help – I’ve been through the arduous, lengthy, trial and error method of adopting raw foods.  You can avoid all of that!  And, to get the quality level of information that will help keep you on track, it’s worth every penny to take classes of some sort, and the better training your instructor has had, the more likely that you’ll learn many things of value for the money that you pay.  If you remember that you’ll surely be saving on Doctors bills (I haven’t had the need to go to an MD since 2004, the year I switched to raw foods), then the money spent here is way more than covered by the savings.

I bring all of this up since I am teaching an Asian Fusion class today – great class for Summer fare, great recipes for hand foods appealing to kids, easy to fix when you’re short on time, and scrumptious flavors.  Now, the class is sold out, so I’m not angling for you to register an attend this one.  I’m just advocating, from the stand-point of common sense, that wherever you are, it’s important to take a class or more, get some training, and/or coaching.

There are many good raw food chefs available to work with.  For anyone interested in working with me, I do have a Forget Cooking! class coming up Saturday, August 28th, in Iowa City, Iowa as part of a joint seminar with Dr. Terry Wahls [she cured herself of MS with raw foods, plus a supplement regimen].  I’ll post more on that later.  And, my next Ethnics Flavors course (already almost 1/2 full) is ‘Flavors of the Mediterranean’ on Sunday, September 26th, in Houston, TX.   Shortly, I’ll also be rolling out a webinar class, and then DVD Course.  Also, I do offer coaching – some types can be done by phone and/or webinar, while other programs are done with you in your kitchen, in your home, with a personalized menu.  These are all options.  And, if any of these interest you, contact me at info@askchefallie.com if you’d like additional information.  Also, on the events, I will be posting these regularly in the events section here on the blog at: http://www.askchefallie.com ; so, just keep a look out for those.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to respond personally.

In Friendship, Chef Allie

4 comments on “Raw Food Classes, Training, and Coaching”

  1. Terese says:

    Hi Chef Allie,
    Too bad I found your website today and you are teaching the Mediterranean class here in Houston – would have loved to attend.

    When will you have additional HOuston classes please?
    Kind regards,

  2. admin says:

    Hi Terese,
    I’m currently creating two new classes for the up-coming Holiday season: 1) Raw Holidays on Oct. 24th; and 2) Raw Desserts on Nov. 14th, and then already, I’ve got scheduled Raw Italy on Nov. 6th, and it’s about half full already from previous students’ enrollments, and I also will be holding a Raw Chef Certification – Level 1 class on Nov. 21st. Oh, and if you’re close to Tomball, or at least willing to drive to Tomball, on Oct. 30th, I’m conducting the introductory Forget Cooking! class. So, that’s the upcoming schedule for the rest of this year as I know it today.
    To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie

  3. Marcia Smith says:


    I am in need of a chef to show me how to cook raw meals. When is your next class.

  4. admin says:

    I can schedule private in-home classes upon both of our availability immediately. For a group class, I have just moved to an new neighborhood and looking for a suitable location to hold my next class. I will post it here as soon as it is set to go. Thank you for checking.

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