Raw Food Book Review – Raw for Dessert

In the book, Raw for Desert/Easy Delights for Everyone, by Jennifer Cornbleet, in the introduction, she states that you’ll find recipes that are innovative, delicious, and easy. With that as her stated goal to share desserts, what do we find inside?

As a former school teacher, Jennifer is organized and thorough in her preparations, and instructions. She communicates the essential information needed for ingredients, equipment, and techniques. She starts out with the basics, from almond milk, creams, coulis, and sauces, to frosting and crust options. She covers Fruit Desserts, from strait fruit, to a soup, several compotes, a couple of ambrosias, and several ‘crumbles.’ Then she moves on to Sorbets, ice Creams, and Sundaes. The Pistachio Ice Cream looks especially good to me! Cakes, cookies, and bars is the next section, and wow, chocolate cupcakes?!! For those who like chocolate, that certainly sound like a treat! I’ve had the Chocolate Lava Cake, when I was training at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and can definitely recommend that. And, the Ginger Spice Cookies sound like they might be good for the upcoming Holiday season. A section for Pies and Tarts comes next; while pretty standard fare here, the Cherry Custard Tart looks of special interest. She wraps up the last two sections of the book with Creamy Desserts and Candy. Having, in the days when I ate cooked food, a particular fondness for Creme Brulee, I’m looking forward to making the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee recipe from the Creamy Desserts section.

Jennifer is great about being precise with her instructions, clearly spelling out what you need to prepare each item, with clear amounts – with her, you avoid having to guess from the recipe if that’s the amount of nuts or seeds you need before soaking or after soaking, and similar kinds of quandaries that often pop up in other food preparation books. I would say that she achieves her objective to share desserts that are delicious and easy. Take a look for yourself, and enjoy!

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To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie