Juicing and the Raw Food Diet

Sixty (60) days on a juice fast …

That was my first experience with extended  juicing, and the raw food diet.  I lost over 25 lb.s during that juice fast, and all except the initial week while detoxing, felt AWESOME!  Energy, Energy, Energy!!!  Now, I do my best to do at least a 30 day juice fast every year; it helps re-set the body systems, give them a rest, and clean out anything that’s just not quite what it should be.  Other than a water fast, a juice fast is the quickest way to clean out the body.  Now, while I HIGHLY recommend juice fasting, if you’re already ill, especially, you must be careful how fast you detoxify (clean out the body) since the illness is already an indicator that your body is too overloaded.  It took a while for your body to get that ill, and if you go too fast, there could be serious impacts for you.  So, the first time you do a long juice fast, I would recommend that you work with someone who knows what they’re doing.

With a good juicer, and single auger style is best at an affordable price to help keep the enzymes intact, you can make a juice and clean up in about 20 – 25 minutes, making a Quart of juice.  I personally use an Omega 8003, the Greenstar is another good one, and so is the Sampson.  A website that I like with good prices on juicers is EZJuicer.com, and I can also help anyone interested in purchasing a Sampson http://tinyurl.com/nhgxx3.

On a juice fast, you drink about four quarts of juice each day – could be five for guys or gals who are working out strenuously.  Of these quarts, I preferred three quarts be green, vegetable juices, and one quart be fruit.  The fruit was usually just too sweet for me generally, that first juice fast.  Though, there was a fast that I did one fall for 45 days where I wanted more fruit.  Your body will be a good guide for what you need.  In big cities, juicing can sometimes be made even easier by purchasing quarts of FRESH juice from the store or at a juice bar – and, make sure it’s fresh, rather than pasteurized.  The enzymes are killed in the pasteurized juice, and that doesn’t do you any good. Living in LA now, there are all kinds of options for this. And, I speak from experience, even in more off the beaten path places, like Meridian, MS, you can find juicing friends, just ask around.

Juicing doesn’t have to be part of the Raw Food Diet, though is it a great support, and generally a good way to start and/or end the day.  Jay Kordich was an example of someone who lived by this example, and he was vital and active still in his 90s.  Another great resource for information, besides Jay’s group, are books from Dr. N.W. Walker, D.Sc. Dr. Walker wrote, ‘Become Younger’ and “Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juices”, two wonderful, short books, that are a wealth of support information for anyone interested in juicing.  It’s all for the purpose of living, truly living, a VIBRANT life!  If you are curious about more information on the raw food diet, please see the other posts here at http://www.askchefallie.com, or feel free to post any questions that you have.  I am always happy to assist you with additional information and resources as you explore and educate your self on ways to feel better and live the best life you can live!

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