“Ask Chef Allie” Anything About the Raw Food Diet

What is your greatest curiosity with the raw food diet? Why does eating raw interest you? What is your greatest frustration or problem or challenge with the raw foods diet? What’s the one thing that you most would like to know about raw foods?  Any of these questions spark something for you?

Raw for 7 years now, and culinary trained for gourmet raw food preparation, plus a great deal of study about the science of nutrition and herbs, I’ve a solid base of understanding and experience to help you get your questions answered. Just let me know how I can help you by submitting your questions and comments.  If from my years of study and training, I don’t know the answer, I’m likely to know just where to go to find out for you, short-cutting the time and effort it can take exploring raw foods by yourself [like I did], or point you in the right direction if you’d rather do it yourself.  Submit your questions and curiosities anytime – I’m here to make your journeys with raw foods easier, more fun, and flavorful!

Are you’re coming from a place of weight loss struggle, yo-yo diets, and exhaustion all the time like I did, or ill health or disease, like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, constipation, or other related health challenges?  Many of my clients and students have had those types of health challenges.  I can help you, with your active participation, regain that spring in your step, that energy you once had in year’s past, assist you to do your best to make sure your quality of life continues until the end of your days so that you can maintain your independence with clarity, and vibrancy, so that you can have fun once again, or continue to have fun!

Check out the Testimonials from a wide range of my students – some having absolutely no knowledge before joining one of my classes, to people coming in with several years of experience working with raw foods, juicing, dehydrating, and all of the different options available.  When done well, which is what I share with you, the only difference between raw food and cooked foods is that the  raw foods are easier than preparing cooked food, since you save on cooking, and the raw foods are more packed with nutritional benefits, life giving properties.  It’s just good food, the best fuel available for the human body.  In your car, you want to put the best fuel in that you can, right?  What happens if trashy fuel gets in your car? … it either doesn’t work well or stops running, right?.  It’s similar with food.  And, just so you are clear, the raw food diet is typically made up of raw or live vegan, and frequently organic, foods.  People switching off of heavy meat oriented eating have saved money changing to this was of eating.  So, save money, feel great, have more fun – sound like something you’d be willing to explore further?  Come out to play, if you will 😀

In Friendship, Chef Allie

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  1. Your site is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! I am learning about clean and raw eating, I’m not sure of the difference? I have dipped my toe into raw eating and felt great, but there are certain things I just can’t imagine never eating again… do you eat raw 100%? Even just eating healthy has been difficult when I eat out or even harder when friends invite you over for dinner or a party and the only thing raw is carrot sticks, if that. How do you deal with all of that?

    Look forward to visiting this site again and again!!

  2. admin says:

    You are so sweet! Clean and raw eating is along the same lines of what I share. While I do eat 100% raw, what I talk to my clients and students about is at least reaching a level of 75% raw so that they can free themselves of the conditions that cause most disease. Do you remember when you started to walk? Most people don’t. Have you ever watched a small child learn to walk? They fall down a good deal first, and they have a learning curve. Actually we all have a learning curve for everything we ever do; it’s just that we don’t remember it in hindsight very often. It’s the same here; there’s a learning curve. What I do is help shorten that learning curve both in terms of time, and easing of implementation. There are tips, and tricks to successfully going out while staying true to yourself. I actually spent four years traveling extensively in a job for a major corporation, while eating 100% raw. It’s often just about taking a few minutes on the internet and checking ahead to see what your options are, just a few minutes of planning. It helps to take a little ditty bag with a seasoning shaker, a little homemade trail mix or other nuts/seeds, and perhaps a little bit of ‘green’ powder, if not out-rite take something already prepared sometimes. I also have a little menu that I carry in my purse to give servers at restaurants to take back to the kitchen for a special order – that way I don’t have to make a big deal about it, and the list is very specific to the chef, and appreciative of their efforts, in helping out to create something that works for me. I just carry on as normal, and then so does everyone else … they might ask a few questions, and only if they are truly interested in my responses, do we talk about it further; otherwise, the conversation moves on to other things. Hope that helps give you some encouragement that this can work for you too. Once you make the commitment, the rest is just figuring out the ‘how’, and I’m here to help short-cut the ‘how’. 😀 In friendship, Allie

  3. Clifford says:

    You have created a wonderful resourse. This is the kind of support I have been looking for. Even with a committment to move towards eating raw, the pull of an old life style and the culture that supports it, present a constant challenge. You are my raw-food hero and I constantly look to you for inspiration and support.

  4. remainregal says:

    I have been researching raw foods and especially juicing, and I am especially interested in this. I have been having gastric problems lately (I’m young!), and it came out of nowhere about 6 weeks ago. My culture is one that frowns upon not eating meat and pretty much thinks this new crave is western hoopla…but I want to know if there is a place in Houston that I can go to buy raw vegetable/whatever is used in juicing. Thank you kindly!

  5. admin says:

    In Houston, there are several options for raw vegetables for juicing. When I am on a juice fast, I usually first go to the co-op, that’s the Central City Co-Op, for all organic produce … see their website [google it] and they have multiple locations through-out the city, with the main one in the Montrose area. Also, one of best farmer’s markets in town, Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market on Sat. from 8 am – 12 pm, is a great spot for local produce, and some is organic/sustainably grown [should be marked which is and which isn’t]. Then, for grocery stores, there are several Whole Foods in town with lots of organics, a Central Market over on Weslayan at Westheimer with a good amount of organics, and the Kroger Signature stores have a small organics section too. I do recommend, especially when juicing as it concentrates the nutrients, using all organics. If feel unable to do all organics, at least make sure you’re using organics on the most toxic ones. I’ll list the worst offenders here.
    The Dirty Dozen:
    1) Nectarines
    2) Celery
    3) Pears
    4) Peaches
    5) Apples
    6) Cherries
    7) Strawberries
    8) Grapes
    9) Spinach
    10) Potatoes
    11) Bell Peppers
    12) Red Raspberries

    A juice fast could be a great solution for you. Have you checked out Juice Feasting? If not, that could be a good resource for you too.

    To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie

  6. mimi says:

    Hello Allie,

    I have two questions:

    1) What is the best way to eat beans raw? Can you cook them on low temp? If so is their nutritional value compromised?

    2) Is Ezekiel bread /tortillas gluten free? How is that they are flowerless? Are they considered raw foods?

  7. admin says:

    I’ve created a very short video to answer your questions and sub-questions; I’ll post it tomorrow so that you can listen and see the responses.

    To Your Most Vibrant Health, Chef Allie

  8. Many of my readers are diabetic type 2 insulin dependent. They are often advised to eat more protein and control their carbohydrate intake as they will cause an increased need for insulin. What do you recommend to them?

  9. admin says:

    Hi Tonya,

    I have responded to your inquiry during the FREE 30-min Teleseminar of Monday, July 4th, currently posted here on the blog at:


    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Warmly, Chef Allie

  10. DeeDee says:

    I ate raw for 2 weeks. I then proceeded to juice for an additional week , but gave up on day 4. I started eating raw again, but added dehydrated foods (not a whole lot, but some). Anyway, my stomach is feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. I’m wondering if eating dehydrated is very good for you? I also have been feeling like Im in a fog, since the beginning of week 2. I thought I maybe had a sinus infection, but have yet to run a fever. I did finally visit the Dr. and got a script for some drugs, but its been 4 days on them and I dont feel any better. Am I detoxing?

  11. admin says:

    Dehydrated foods are only helpful in limited amounts. They can help keep you raw on a trip or other times when you’re on the run, but they lack water, and so if you eat much of them, you should be sure to drink plenty of fresh water or alternatively fresh squeezed juice or herbal tea.

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