About Chef Allie

Bio1) – (the expected one)

Chef Allie, The Vibrant Raw Food Chef,  is a Raw Food Chef and Instructor, founder of Raw-MM-Good!, and author of ‘7 Secrets to Living Raw Foods’.  She  trained and is certified as a Raw Chef and Instructor, initially via Alissa Cohen, and then more in depth with the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

Through her company, Raw-MM-Good!, Allie offers classes, nutritional consultations, coaching, educational demonstrations, and hands-on-training.  Her book, ‘7 Secrets to Living Raw Foods’ coaches you in transitioning to a raw or high raw lifestyle to add more vitality and spring back in your step.  Chef Allie is also currently in the process of launching a ‘7 Day Raw Food Challenge’ video program, to be released the day after Thanksgiving 2016 … so, keep an eye out for the links to join in, and work daily with Chef Allie from the comfort of your own home kitchen.

Bio2 – (the fun one :))

Allie dives deep.

A qypsy-spirited curious explorer, and world citizen Allie has jumped into the depths of life both on the outside and the inside.  She holds a continual focus on self-realization (om), singing heartwarming music (ah), cuddly yarn art creations (mmmm), mind-broadening travel (wheee), and sharing delectable fresh food that feeds the body and soul (yum).  

With inner guidance leading the way after a near death experience, deepening her connection with love, presence and intention has been her journey’s pole star.  As a Certified Chef and Instructor with the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, her book, 7 Secrets to Living Raw Foods, her blog askchefallie.com, and her upcoming video e-class 7 Day Raw Food Challenge all provide support for those interested in starting a healthy life journey via food. 

As validation, people rave that they can taste the love in her foods.


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