Raw Food – What Can You Do With Zucchini?

Nutritionally, Zucchini might be a surprise to many, since it actually a good protein source. Additionally, since is is a highly alkaline food …

Raw Food Quick Meal Ideas

All of us have those days where we are pushed to get everything done, and often on those days, preparing a meal is one of the last things, if not the last thing, on the long list of items to do.  For those days, it helps to have a few ‘in the pocket’ ideas for […]

Raw Food Recipe – Banana Date Energy Bars

Are you looking for a good food to take with you on the run?

Raw Food – Blender vs Food Processor Use for Raw Food Recipes

people ask me why a blender or food processor is used, and if the two are interchangeable … do they “have to have both pieces of equipment in their kitchen?”

Raw Food Dehydrator Use

With a raw food lifestyle, many of us still want the crunchy, crackers or bread that we used to eat with cooked meals.  In the raw food world, the way of achieving that is by using the dehydrator.  After the blender and food processor, unless someone gets into juicing, the dehydrator is often the third […]

Juicing and the Raw Food Diet

Sixty (60) days on a juice fast … That was my first experience with extended  juicing, and the raw food diet.  I lost over 25 lb.s during that juice fast, and all except the initial week while detoxing, felt AWESOME!  Energy, Energy, Energy!!!  Now, I do my best to do at least a 30 day […]

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Raw Food – “Where does the Protein come from?” Answered

Probably the #1 question that I get when I’m introduced as a Raw Food Chef is, “Where do you get your protein?” Did you know that there have never, not even one, been a reported case of protein deficiency in the US?  The only place there have been reports of protein deficiency is where there […]

Raw Food and Spices

Excerpt from ‘7 Secrets to Living Raw Foods‘ [available from me (832-397-6296), rawveganbooks.com, or amazon.com] “I can only speak for myself, and speaking for myself, I demand two criteria of my food.  First, I desire vibrant food that looks gorgeous on the plate, proving irresistible and tempting the palate.  Second, I expect food to smell […]

Kitchen Gadgets, Equipment & Raw Food

Playing in the kitchen is part of the fun of preparing raw food, or any food for yourself and your loved ones.  I grew up with a mother who was an excellent, Southern cook – deep South, which = fried, mashed, meat and starch at every meal.  Fortunately, she had eclectic/varied tastes and tried recipes […]

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Raw Food – Success Factor: Planning

What do you think is one of the biggest keys to implementing a change to raw food eating successfully?